Discuss and Review of IPCC Accounts Paper May 2016

Discussion in 'CA Exams' started by Raju Choudhary, May 3, 2016.

  1. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

    Discuss and Review of IPCC Accounts Paper May 2016, Downaod and Discuss CA IPCC Accounts Paper May 2016. Hi Friends How was today's IPCC Accounts Paper, Please Share Your Reviews for Today's IPCC AccountING Paper. we will uploaded IPCC accounts Paper for May 2016 Exams and updated you as soon possible.

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    Download CA IPCC Accounts Solution or Guideline Answer May 2016 from below link...

    Download Paper from Following link


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  2. venugopaall

    venugopaall New Member

    plz upload accounting paper...
  3. Sandip

    Sandip New Member

    please upload the answer i want to check
  4. Vega909

    Vega909 New Member

    Can someone please upload this paper? I didn't write it... but my friend said it was pretty tough. I'd like to see it please. :<
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  5. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

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  6. Vega909

    Vega909 New Member

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  7. Sandip

    Sandip New Member

    paper was easy but lengthy
  8. Vega909

    Vega909 New Member

    What would you do for the adjustments relating to the liquidator (remuneration etc) in the amalgamation question?
  9. medhahaha

    medhahaha New Member

    According to me, Cash account would be prepared for AB ltd and the remuneration included in underwriting commission as well as purchase consideration discharged in cash would be credited and we should be able to arrive at the balance figure.
  10. Vega909

    Vega909 New Member

    Ah, that makes sense.
    I don't know if I would've scored well had I written this exam. Thank you though ^^! It helps to know how to solve this shit even if you don't have to write the exam ahahahaha #_#
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  11. gowtham9

    gowtham9 New Member

    easy but time taking
  12. dhruv51197

    dhruv51197 New Member

    Can i get accounts paper solution of today
  13. Tejas Gandhi

    Tejas Gandhi New Member

    Can i get solution for accounting paper for may 2016?
  14. Sftr

    Sftr New Member

    It was not good at all.Only a few were from sm and pm rest were totally out from the scope.I have attempted the paper just of maximum 60 marks.
  15. Sumanc.email

    Sumanc.email New Member

    Cannot open the pdf
  16. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

    Hi our team is working on solutions, but it will take time So currently we are not able to provide you solutions. We will updated you after uploading solutions, keep visit to our site for more updates
  17. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

    Hi Sumanc.email
    Please tell us problem you can face and Open Files in latest PDF Reader software or PDF Androisd APP or Open files in Google Chrome.
  18. kprawal

    kprawal New Member

    Many may tell that it was easy, quirky whatever..... But in exams..... Other than toughness of questions asked many other factors also prevail like time, tension, insecurity...... Etc..... Keeping all this in mind it was tough... Funny thing after exams when I again went through paper..... I "discovered" it was not actually tough but only demanded confidence and stability....(hope I would be able to write such a quality answer in my law exam too )
  19. Rahul121

    Rahul121 New Member

    Easy tough is not important for me I have given my 100% so am happy plzzz send the solution
  20. Sharad Daga

    Sharad Daga New Member

    when will be the solution released??
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