Discuss and Review of IPCC Costing Paper May 2016

Discussion in 'CA Exams' started by Raju Choudhary, May 7, 2016.

  1. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

    Discuss and Review of IPCC Costing Paper May 2016, Downaod and Discuss CA IPCC Costing Paper May 2016. Hi Friends How was today's IPCC Costing Paper, Please Share Your Reviews for Today's IPCC Cost Accounting and Financial Management Paper. we will uploaded IPCC IPCC Costing Paper for May 2016 Exams and updated you as soon possible.

    Download CA IPCC Costing Solution May 2016 From following link

    Download Paper from following link

    Please share your reviews for Todays IPCC IPCC Costing Paper May 2016 by Using Below reply box...

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  2. Khushi1234

    Khushi1234 New Member

    It is extremly tough I work so hard but only 25 marks paper n theroy is from icai mannual what icai want.... Dont know 7th attempt... N now hope less first account n then cost
  3. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

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  4. Mohak_k

    Mohak_k New Member

    Great paper. I am weak at theory. So failing in law and ethics comm. Mostly exemption in costing fm. Conceptual paper! :)
  5. Khushi1234

    Khushi1234 New Member

    How it was so tough... What book u refer
  6. Khushi1234

    Khushi1234 New Member

    Which book I mean to say
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  7. medhahaha

    medhahaha New Member

    One should first study from books given by coaching institutes because explanation is simpler, when you are confident enough, move on to practice manual and study material also past year question papers. You will have thorough knowledge and you'll be able to ace the exams. Dont lose hope, its simple if you apply a disciplined approach :)
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  8. rohan1996 gandhi

    rohan1996 gandhi New Member

    You can refer padhuka from "Gurukripa institute of management".
    That book is the reason why i got 74 in nov 15.
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  9. Aman Gera

    Aman Gera New Member

    tough paper.... :( but satisfactory
  10. vijith

    vijith New Member

    nice paper.
  11. Raju Giri

    Raju Giri New Member

    Can anyone update the solution of cost n fm paper
  12. anmmol

    anmmol New Member

  13. Chandran

    Chandran New Member

    Is 1 (b) answer BEP units 93,600 correct?
  14. Aman Gera

    Aman Gera New Member

    mera 83k something tha
  15. manuved

    manuved New Member

  16. Umang Timbaliya

    Umang Timbaliya New Member

    Jpbp sales oh is 1.66%of sales
    Total s&d oh 400
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  17. Umang Timbaliya

    Umang Timbaliya New Member

    Q1 A answer 3.49
    Q1 B answer 123200 units
    Q1 C 204473.079344
    Q4 B I)80000
    Q6 A)i process b
    ii process a
  18. Umang Timbaliya

    Umang Timbaliya New Member

    What's the correct?
  19. Mohak_k

    Mohak_k New Member

    Hi. I had joined JK Shah classes. The faculty there cleared all practical concepts and high quality sums. The lectures which i attended were all fruitful..
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