GST GST Compliance in job work

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    Hi ,
    I have a few queries pertaining to the gst compliance in job work scenario .
    the scenario is pertaining principal giving fabrics to a worker to convert it into wearable garments .
    1). Say the principal has not yet registered for GTIN , because the business has not yet started and I am informed once GTIN is procured , one has to file GST irrespective of the sales or business taking place . So , I wanted to know in this case can the principal still create a challan for the job work ?
    2). If the principal personally drops the raw materials at the job workers , do they still need to attain a delivery challan ? In case of receiving the finished goods from the job worker , the delivery challan will be created by the job worker ?
    3).RCM would be taken into account only in case where the job worker is unregistered ? Right ? So , in such a case how would i pay GST to the government ?
    4). TDS can only charged by a registered job worker ? what percent of TDS will be charged from the principal ?

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