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    I am job worker. I received raw material from company and do job work on it , return the finished component to that company,my turnover is below 20 lakh. they ask me for GST service code on bill under which I am doing job work.
    please let me know which category my business fall ?
    I need to pay GST ?
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    reply to you
    dear sir
    the manufacturer who send goods for rectification or to do any further process where no value additions are there and sent to mfr as it is does not require any registration. you have to give only bill of supply not tax invoice. they will get problem in future if they insist this.
    for instance one of my clients surya vision tools ambattur chennai is a job worker who is doing only tool dressing or regrinding and sending the tools back. but like your case the mfr forcing him to rise tax invoice. see how they cheat the govt. the tools are purchased in the market by them and cenvat credit would have availed and he would have adopted transition and transferred the credit to gst. Again he wants to take credit for the goods already credited. Thereby double credit he is enjoying. they have to answer while filing the returns.
    however if your preceeding year turnover is more than the exempted you would have paid the service tax. Hence he wants you to be a registered dealer.
    no need for gst to be paid.It is my humble opinion.Anyhow please contact goods and service tax commissioner Delhi by writing a letter or through your advocate under RTI. you cannot ask in RTI as you are businessmen
  3. sowrirajan pathravi

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