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  1. Arpita Raheja

    Arpita Raheja New Member

    Hi Friends,
    Required clarity on the order of utilization of credit under GST. It will be helpful if it can be answered basis the following case law:

    Output tax liability:
    IGST = 1,00,000 ; CGST= 2,00,000, SGST = 2,00,000
    Input Tax credit:
    IGST= 2,50,000; CGST = 1,50,000; SGST = 1,50,000
    The total input tax credit available is more than output tax liability. Can anyone help with the order of utilization of input tax credit. Have got a similar case and same needs to be filed.
    Thanks in advance
  2. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

    IGST Input of Rs 2.5 Lacs will 1st be used to set off IGST Liability of Rs. 1 lac, then CGST liability of Rs. 50 K & then SGST

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