How to change the address that i've submitted to ICAI ?

Discussion in 'CA Students' started by akhil chowdary, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. akhil chowdary

    akhil chowdary New Member

    I am an IPCC student, recently shifted my residence and have to get it updated with the ICAI.
    I've edited the address through the ICAI official website, but have since come across various forums stating that a hand written letter is to be sent to the regional headquarters.
    Is changing the address online sufficient , or do I have to send a letter to the head office ?

    Also, after doing the so procedure required (let's say within a a day or two), can I expect the marks memo of the nov 16 IPCC to be delivered to the updated address ?
  2. Nikhil8

    Nikhil8 Member

    You cannot get it changed online. Send a signed to ICAI, Mumbai, Cleartly state your old and new address and the fact that you wish to change the address for correspondence.
  3. AtulJ

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