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Discussion in 'CA Students' started by Raghu1992, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Raghu1992

    Raghu1992 New Member

    my principle no giving me a transfer when i asked him to sign on my transfer form then he said that he will not give a tranfer and at the same time he given me a unnecessary personal work what should i do now please help me sir.
  2. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

    Hi @Raghu1992 If your principle is not signing your form then open an online grievance to ICAI and Post Same Problem at ICAI OR Try to talk to your ICAI Regional Office, No one able to help you regarding this query except ICAI. Use following link for online grievance http://help.icai.org/
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