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Discussion in 'CA Students' started by krishna kaasyap, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. krishna kaasyap

    krishna kaasyap New Member

    I have joined articles on April 18 2014 and I am prepared to take secondment on April 19 2016, for one year.After that time from whom I can get a certificate regarding completion of articles,and in the meantime can my principal can take an articles in my place since he has the permission to take only 3 articles.Even after completion of secondment do I need to go to my previous principal and re-register under him to complete the articles procedure.
  2. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

    Hi Krishna

    1. Your Principle not take any article in your place
    2. Secondment means "A CA Student to get registered for articleship under a CA and pursue articleship under some other CA." So you don't require to re-register under your previous principle because your registration is not cancelled during Secondment period.
  3. krishna kaasyap

    krishna kaasyap New Member

    Thanks a lot boss........
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