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Discussion in 'Service Tax' started by S Lal, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. S Lal

    S Lal New Member

    Hi, I wish to start a HR & placement consultancy as an individual. For the first year, I expect my revenues will not exceed Rs. 10.00 Lakhs limit hence I do not want to register for service Tax now.
    However, for receiving payments on agency's name (say ACE Consulting) and not on my individual name, can I open bank account on my agency's name.
    If yes, please suggest how can this be done
  2. Yash Shah

    Yash Shah New Member

    Yes it can be done easily. You would be acting as an proprietor of the firm and would receiving the payments in the name of Firm.
  3. Nikhil8

    Nikhil8 Member

    Yes. It can be done easily. I have a relative chartered accountant for this. You can contact to them and your problem will solve easily.
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