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Discussion in 'GST (Goods & Service Tax)' started by Kanika Kumari, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Kanika Kumari

    Kanika Kumari New Member

    So my company is getting many invoices in which GST is levied but our GST no. is not mentioned...
    Our name and address is mentioned properly .
    So what shold be solution... Are we required to pay RCM GST. or we should just take it as an expense.
    Revise invoice is not possible..
  2. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

    Revising inovice is the only legal option as RCM is not applicable no every situation there is a list of specific situation on which RCM is applicable and how can you consider them as simple expenses and escape from GST.You can not do any of the above option you stated above.
  3. Purva Jain

    Purva Jain New Member

    Since you are purchasing goods from registered suppliers, RCM is not applicable.

    Further, You wont be eligible to take ITC of gst paid on purchases because your GSTIN is not mentioned in your purchase invoice. Such gst paid will be considered as cost of purchase in your books of accounts.
  4. CA Saloni

    CA Saloni New Member

    Don't get panic.

    1) Call your supplier.
    2) Inform him your GSTIN No.
    3) Request him to please fill up your GSTIN Details in GSTR 1 when they file....
    4) Send your GST Provisional Certificate through mail, Whatsapp, Telegram, Hard copy what you want...........

    Once your supplier mention your GSTIN in his GSTR 1 then you can take the ITC.......
    If it will be not reflect in your GSTR 2A then you can add this in your GSTR 2.........

    So simple...........
    That's All.......................

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