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    Please any one explain the step by step solution to the question No.5(a) of Part-B of CRVI of CS Professional Module-1 December, 2015. For your reference the question is extracted below:

    Q: The Wind Urja Ltd (WUL) is a closely held unlisted company with financial details as under:
    Market Value on 31.03.2015
    Assets (Rs, in Lakh)
    Land and building 6,500
    Plant and machinery 2,000
    Furniture and fixtures 20
    Trade receivables 1,000
    Cash and cash equivalents 30
    Spares 10
    Outside Liabilities
    Trade payables 20
    Long-term loans 2,000
    Outstanding expenses 5
    Worldwide Wind Energy Ltd. (WWEL) is ready to take over WUL by paying 35% premium
    over the market value of assets and liabilities as goodwill. Calculate the price which WWEL
    is ready to pay to shareholders of WUL.
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