GST What are the basic features of GST common portal?

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    Ans. The GST portal ( ) is accessible over Internet (by Taxpayers and their CAs/Tax Advocates etc.) and Intranet by Tax Officials etc. The portal is going to be one single common portal for all GST related services e.g.–
    • (i). Tax payer registration (New, surrender, cancelation, amendment etc.);
    • (ii). Invoice upload, auto-drafting of Purchase register of buyer, GST Returns filing on stipulated dates for each type of return (GSTR [1,2,3,5, 9.etc];
    • (iii). Tax payment by creation of Challan and integration with agency Banks;
    • (iv). ITC and Cash Ledger and Liability Register;
    • (v). MIS reporting for tax payers, tax officials and other stakeholders;
    • (vi). BI/Analytics for Tax officials.

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