GST What services will be rendered by GSTN?

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    Ans. GSTN will render the following services through the Common GST Portal:
    • (a) Registration (including existing taxpayer migration, a process which began on 8th Nov 2016);
    • (b) Payment management including payment Gateways and integration with banking systems;
    • (c) Return filing and processing;
    • (d) Taxpayer management, including account management, notifications, information, and status tracking;
    • (e) Tax authority account and ledger Management;
    • (f) Computation of settlement (including IGST Settlement) between the Centre and States; Clearing house for IGST;
    • (g) Processing and reconciliation of GST on import and integration with EDI systems of Customs;
    • (h) MIS including need based information and business intelligence;
    • (i) Maintenance of interfaces between the Common GST Portal and tax administration systems;
    • (j) Provide training to stakeholders;
    • (k) Provide Analytics and Business Intelligence to tax authorities; and
    • (l) Carry out research and study best practices.

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