Which ITR Form Do I need submit

Discussion in 'Income Tax' started by n_uma_3, Jul 19, 2016.

  1. n_uma_3

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    Could you please tell me which ITR Form should I Use for the following scenario.

    Scenario 1) I Salary income only with Home loan ( Paying EMI), Let out house for rent and staying in rented house.

    Scenario 2) Income only from consultancy and training, Also need to show loss from Stock market trading. Also I received Bank Deposit Interest. No job and hence Salary income.

  2. Nikhil8

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    ITR 1 (sahaj) For individuals having income from salary and interest.
    ITR 2 For individuals & HUFs not having income from business or profession
    ITR 2A For individuals and HUFs not having income from business or profession and capital gains and who do not hold foreign assets.
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