Wrongly filed gstr 3b

Discussion in 'GST (Goods & Service Tax)' started by Ramesh Gurjar, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Ramesh Gurjar

    Ramesh Gurjar New Member

    Mistakes done in gstr 3b
    01. I entered the non registered purchase nearly rs. 21,29,000/- in "3.1"
    02. On eligible ITC I entered the sales cgst, sgst, igst tax
    03. On payment of tax also i entered the sales cgst, sgst, igst tax
    insted of that i have rs. 0/- on tax, but i want to pay nearly rs. 3,70,000/-
    for non register purchase i want to pay tax or not, if i want to pay how can i get the ITC for that please give suggestion for this issue
    thank you
  2. Raju Choudhary

    Raju Choudhary Active Member Staff Member

    At present after submitting no edit option..please send mail to help desk....at the same time eligible input tax for july is not adjusting in GSTR 3B...

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